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Quaker Windows

Quaker Windows & Doors is a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial window and door products in the United States. They’re working diligently to create and implement industry-altering technology into their products so buildings can be more efficient, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Quaker has endeavored to continually provide a diverse and reliable product line to suit their customers’ needs by continually innovating and striving for excellence in all that they do. They embrace change and through focused determination, have evolved to become a transformational force within the world of windows & doors.



When shopping for new or replacement windows and doors, the choices can be daunting. They understand the uncertainty, so they present to you a simple promise: with Quaker® residential Products, you will have all the tools to make the best window and door investment possible. Their extensive line of products for new construction covers every possible residential requirement. Whether you need thermal efficiency, safety, ease of operations or a unique architectural touch, their windows and doors provide the right solution. When building your new home, the Quaker® Manchester™ series is a logical choice for all-around energy efficiency, affordability and zero upkeep. The Manchester series is made with fusion welded corners and a frame made of thicker vinyl than most competitors' windows, which means your windows last longer even under intense weather fluctuations and degradation over time. 


Quartz™ luxury windows & doors are architecturally engineered with a distinguished aesthetic design by Quaker Windows. Windows and doors make up a large part of a luxury home’s building façade, and Quartz™ was designed to present your home with distinction, both inside and out. The Quartz™ luxury collection is engineered with the most structurally and thermally advanced architectural window components and offers customers superior design flexibility and structural integrity. Quartz™ luxury windows and doors provide exceptional energy efficiency and thermal performance values that are unequaled in the industry. The CityLine series of windows and doors gives an immediate gloss of sophistication to your luxury home. The TimberLine series fuses an architectural aluminum exterior with a classic natural wood interior to provide ageless charm for your living space while permanently protecting your inside from the outside.



Quaker Commercial is a recognized leader in providing total architectural window and door solutions to all types of commercial projects, whether offices, hospitals, hotels, schools, retail, or industrial buildings. Outstanding products for any commercial applications from education, healthcare, government, hospitality, and multi-family. To meet the highest possible industry standards, product testing and quality control at Quaker is taken extremely seriously. Internal quality monitoring, an unparalleled attention to detail, and certified independent tests guarantee Quaker products surpass expected customer demands and satisfaction levels. Quaker’s advanced product development and quest for innovation has allowed their products to be difference makers. By implementing the latest technologies and focusing on ways to improve manufacturing, we’ve created high-performance commercial products that enhance all projects.  


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