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Wood Windows

For a truly distinct home or building, choose the timeless beauty of wood windows from XL Building Products. We partner with some of the top manufacturers to provide exceptional products, including high-quality wood windows that offer unparalleled traditional beauty, warmth and energy efficiency.

We offer wood windows in a wide variety of strong, versatile wood species – each with its own natural uniqueness. Choose from our clad wood new, clad wood retrofit and historic wood windows.

Clad wood windows offer the beauty and durability of wood on the interior of the home while yielding a low-maintenance and weatherproof covering of aluminum or vinyl on the exterior of a window to protect the life of your wood window.

Wood Windows in St. Louis


Many architects, contractors, designers and homeowners prefer wood window frames over other materials for windows. The reason, of course, goes far beyond looks. Wood windows provide many advantages over competing materials:

  • Natural insulator
  • Renewable material
  • Easy to fabricate into virtually any shape and size
  • Material provides a greater structural and design pressure performance
  • Wide variety of wood species, stains and print colors
  • Wood window frames can be painted or stained
  • Each wood frame has its own unique, distinct grain and pattern


Like all our products, we ensure long-term durability, however, wood windows are still prone to damage if they are not properly maintained, which could lead to deterioration. Wood window frames require more maintenance than other window frame options, but with proper care and effective sealing, they are kept energy efficient and well-insulated.

At XL Building Products, we understand that selecting windows is not always an easy decision. There are many factors to consider and careful judgments required. Our window professionals will work with you every step of the way in the decision-making process and are well-prepared to give you the “Good-Better-Best” options. You will feel comfortable knowing that you are receiving quality service and knowledgeable input to help you select the perfect window for your property or project at the best value for your money.

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